Monday, February 28, 2011

Preserver Obelisk

Update! Added a PDO and PDF version of this model scaled to 10". This is a Beta 2.0 and is a no lines version of the model below. There will be directions and a build-up, as well as a diorama to follow, please stay tuned and check back often. You just never know when I'm going to update an existing post. Keep on Trekkin! -/\- Just copy and paste...... PDF.... .... PDO... ... Removed original bmp files.

TOS Padd and Turbolift Handle

TOS Dilithium Chamber

From the Engineering set, the dilithium chamber.

TOS Monitor, Textured with Graphics

Greetings and welcome, here's the new Trek Card Craft for today. Enjoy! =/\=

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Building 5, larger, untextured, template. Have fun, texture it yourself and use it for a template to create your own version of the building.

TOS Trek Card Craft.


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Building from Starbase 11.