Sunday, March 20, 2011

47" TOS Preliminary Parts Build Phase I

I've printed up some of the selected parts of the 47" Cardstock Enterprise in
order to check some of the parts for needed corrections and to check the accuracy
of the parts with relationship to each other. I've already built the bridge and
BC deck previously and today I'm focusing on the nacelle and it's associated components.

I'm looking into hosting and will be hosting all of these models in .pdf format,
after I get all of the kinks worked out and a list of corrections that need to be made.

I took the original templates and laid them out and began by cutting them to fit. As you can see below, the nacelle body for the 47" ship took up three standard 8.5 X 11" sheets of cardstock and the inner nacelle detail took up two sheets. After I cut the main body parts to fit I aligned them and taped them together and cut out the notch for the inner detail. I did this to use this part as a template to use poster-board to create the actual part.

I noticed that the shape of the inner nacelle detail didn't lend itself to proper construction, so I printed up two halves of the same side in order to come up with an accurate template for a single piece.

Later I'll show how to cut out the templates from poster-board to creat a whole without seems and will show how to add formers and strengtheners to the inside.

Never let anyone shut you down, or stop you from persuing your dreams. Remember, your only limitations lay within your own mind and lack of skill and both of those
things can be fixed by trying and working hard to overcome your limitations. Don't buy into the hype of those who are less talented, or less skilled than yourself. For that matter don't listen to those who speak with authority, but have their own reasons for discouraging you. Keep on Trekkin! =/\=


  1. this is wonderful. Can't wait until it's finished!

  2. I'll be updating this portion soon, thanks for your interest. Stay tuned.