Monday, September 26, 2011

Metasequoia Baby!

To all of those unfortunates that had any difficulty, what so ever, working on a couple of the models I've posted for your enjoyment, rest assured, it will never happen again. I have found a copy of Meta and can now rectify any issues that exist with the models and neshes I've been working with, thus there will be no more intersections, nor will there ever be another model that has any issue, unless of course, it's a pure accident, or oversite on my part. Below are some photos of just a few things that I'm reworking. Note: All of the previous models that were in production as well as the previous requests are top priority, so they will be done and posted first.


  1. wow!
    i said do whatever with my model (tos engineering) but a paper model, didnt see that coming. onward!!!

  2. Ptrope, thanks for commenting. It will not only be a cardmodel, but will be the basis for a styrene model built by me. After I make the neccesary corrections of course.