Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arkham Batman-1

This is the first Arkham Batman from the video game that I'm going to release. This is a ported model that has been converted and textured, but has not be scaled, or unfolded. If there is any interest in a developement kit, complete with the object files and textures in various formats someone will have to take the initiative and work on the model and release it to the public. If and only if someone takes on this task will I release the developement kit. I've released several developement kits and have had hundreds of downloads and no one has released and of them to the public. So, this is more, or less a test to see if anyone that really wants this will be decent enough to share and I have shared many, many models and my time and effort with the community.


  1. Yes, it has been deleted. I had it available for a short time and asked people on the forum that were going to work on it to make it avaiable to the public, after more than fifty people downloaded the model, no one offered to post what they were working on for the community, so I pulled it. I have since had the model scaled and posed as well as the Harley Quinn model. When I've had a chance to print and build the model and make directions I will rehost it for a short time.

  2. Good day. I would love to ask you for this model do paprcraft exhibitions in Brazil and would be a great pleasure mount that your model. Iso is if you agree to me Envir the file.

    following shortcut to my facebook photos of my expsoições. and my email if you agree to send me;
    Thank you.

  3. der if you can send me your model c3po this full-sized so I can ride and also expose the exhibitions?

  4. I'm sorry, but for now those models are still under developement. They will be released when they are done.
    Thanks for your interest