Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3ft Serenity Model + 292 scale 10.25" Model.

Update! Just got the prototyped model back from the provider, working on it right now. See new pics below. Just started the cleanup and finish work. This is an ongoing project to produce a 3ft Serenity model from an existing set of templates and to advance that model into a screen accurate 3ft styrene and resin model and to go further still and to show you step bt step how to make your own. This can be considered a "How to Scratch Build" project. We may go so far as to come up with a cockpit and storage bay with ramp, who knows? Stay tuned and check back often. Below are some references that I've scrounged from the net. All copyrigh holders have their original information included in those images that they have labeled. This blog will be updates as time and production allows. Get the 5 View plus Serenity renders here.... All credits are provided as displayed in original works. Anyone that feels they deserve credit please let me know and I will adjust the credits accordingly.

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