Sunday, December 30, 2012

Laz's Ship + Bonus + Art... Part 1

Below you will find a link to part 1 of Laz's ship from TOS Trek, you will also find in that file what looks to me like cheap assed art that Paraborg is charging good money for. You'll see, in this post, some of my original art. I did most of this when while working for Trek Core. I'm showing this because I honestly think that some of my work is far superior to that shown in the .pdf file. You see, while working for TrekCore, I submitted an idea of creating special poster art for each episode that I was doing screen captures for. This was back in 2005. I think it's funny the level of crap that people will pay good money for, while some of those same people "Make it a Mission in Life" to shut someone else down. I've seen excellent modelers run out of the "Community" by these voracious haters and I've seen awesome artists give up on their work and leave the "Community" due to these self appointed critics and internet cops, most of which have ZERO talent, or ability of their own. Having said all of that... I love to hold up a standard to these cretins and keep doing my thing. There's just nothing like shining the disinfecting light of truth onto these scumbags.;) Note: You will also see a couple of things that I cleaned up and used as Wallpapers. Now, compare my art to that of the Paraborg crap. BTW, I've been doing the "Keep on Trekkin" thing for a very long time. :P

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