Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ironman-Living Laser Part 1 & 2.

Living Laser models Parts 1 & 2

Living Laser Pt-2.

Below are a few build photos, more to come.


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  2. Hey There is No Lines and There is No Manual How to put together and fold ? i need the manual of all of ur iron man as i download all of them and all got no lines or Manual So Please I need It Asap as wanna start building one of urs files and also please add files with No lines and With Lines So I Am waiting for ur respond and those manual for this files please and the lines for folding please please

  3. There is no manual at this time. I'm building this model now and I have no manual. I just match the parts up like a puzzle and make sure they work together before I glue them. I will have directions at a later date, but they are all pretty easy to assemble.