Thursday, February 27, 2014

Big Boy Rocket Toy Chrome with Ladder.

As stated above...

Below are a couple of pictures of the textured version to help you out.


  1. Dear Sir, is it okay to ask you a few questions about your model?

  2. … as i have NO idea how the fins are meant to be made or attached to the body...

  3. Create your own tabs using the scrap and space each one 120 degrees away from the other around the circumference of the base diameter.

  4. Cool, thank you VERY much! I suspected that, but was not quite sure…

    No offense, but in the template there IS a small issue, isn't it? It seems like the tab of ONE of the supporting strips is overlapping the wider strip… at least that's what it seemed to me an confused me a bit, as until that point everything worked fine! :)

  5. I'll look into that... Not sure where you mean, but I'll check the original model.

  6. Thanks a lot, but that's not necessary anymore… as i screwed up the chrome model a couple of minutes ago! :)

    BUT i am also making the "rusty textured" version… thankfully you designed the fins much cooler there as they are each ONE piece now, but still have NO idea how to attach them "by your means".

    Each fin has additionally four strips: two thin and curvy with several glue tabs AND two wider strips where only ONE has a glue tab.

    Also on the same page are six rings with caps and i can't find a reference picture to figure out where to place them.

    Thanks for your help, Sir!

  7. My apologies, I really expect to much of builders, I think that if I lay the model out right that people might be able to see how simple it is and that they might be able to reason simple things out for themselves. Please link to a picture of what you are having trouble with and exactly which textured version you are working with, there are several. In the mean time, here's a link to a video where I build the smaller fallout tin toy model.

  8. No need to apologize! Different heads have different thoughts and come to different solutions… ;) As it is a really simple model, it should indeed be totally clear how to build it! And it IS, except the attachement of the fins and the round thingies i just can't see on ANY picture of the completed model…

    I could of course do a workaround, nothing is easier than that for a longtime model builder… but i want to build it like YOU intended it! I need the challenge, hehe!

    Anyway, here are the links to two pics:

  9. I see i forgot to mention the name:


    It is smaller than the chrome one, has detailed "rusty texture" but NO pilot and NOT the Maximus-Name on the fins...

  10. Thelix, Here you go... The fins need to be creased along that line and folded over and then create tabs for the attachment point to attach to the ship. There are no tabs on the long flat parts, because the parts to the left and the right of each one of those folds under and raises the flat part up from the main body slightly. The circular bits are windows that will make raised bubbles (portholes) that go directly over the texture. I will try to get a couple of pictures up for you. Hope that helps. BTW, that little bit hanging off of one side of the fin folds over to make a whole fin. That was an over sight and I put out a different version later in that year.

  11. Portholes… well... that was obviously to obvious, at least to me, ha! My thoughts were WAY to complicated.

    You write "fins need to be creased along that line and folded over". Creased along WHICH line? There are several in the two pictures you posted today…

    If you find the time, a close up shot of the attachement would be really awesome. But please: ONLY if you find the time. I really don't wan't to annoy or bother you more as "necessary".

    And if i take to much time for you, please tell me. I can still work around that issue... use some epoxy to put these $%%&§-Fins to the body! ;)

    Again: Thank you, Sir!

  12. Wow! Really? If you cannot see where the fins need to be folded.... Take a good look at the pictures provided and at the parts and see if you can't figure out how the parts work.. Perhaps you need to look for another hobby. I don't have any more time to try to walk you through simple spatial reasoning. Do your best, or use super glue and make it your own way. I did not have directions when I ripped the model, unfolded the model, textured the model and built the model three times in three different versions. Refer back to the youtube video and try think about how you would do it, there are shaded areas and pretty obvious fold and cut lines in the texture.

  13. Wow, really? The person that designed a model has no problems to build it? How unusual..

    Well... perhaps you should go on then and build your models but pass on publishing flawed plans, sir.

    I for one will put the prints of your "models" to the place where they belong: in the trash basket.

    And now i will build a model of a true AND humble Paper Artist, on whose extraordinary complex plans every person can rely: uhu02 from Japan.

    Best regards, "Sir".

    P.S. At least now i know why you have been banned, Neptune. You are a VERY arrogant person incapable of accepting that even you make mistakes.

  14. Oh look, another plant, comes over where I'm hosting my files and work and attacks me, because he can't look at the model, look at the pictures, look at the video and see how a simple part is folded. This is not surprising at all. You know that are a lot of artists that are banned from forums, even some of the best, because of the Nazis and the cliquish jerks that inhabit them. You want to blame me and attack me for your ineptitude? My 13 year old niece built this model without having a single problem and she is not and engineer. I see a lot of this from the various forum trolls. When you don't even have the capacity to figure out a very small problem, don't blame the creator. Yes, Uhu is a fine modeler and artist and he takes the time to try to make the directions so that they are idiot proof. However, I don't have the time to do that. I've put out more than 222 models and have had very few complaints. I took the time to show you pictures and a video that is directly relative to the build you are attempting and still you cannot make simple deductions from given data. That say more about you than it says about me. Now, I looked at your profile.. Brand new profile, within this year and there's nothing on it, so it is obvious that you are one of the Clown Posse'. People with no skill, or talent, who just want to whine and snivel and cause problems where they do not exist... I really feel sorry for you types, what an angry unfulfilled life you must lead. I'll leave your silly comments up for awhile, then I'll delete this sore spot on my blog, like you never existed... Keep on Trekkin! =/\=

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