Thursday, May 19, 2011

350 Scale Akira Class

Final update: This will be the last update on this thread. I've reworked the unfold and reorganized all of the parts, for those that complained about how difficult this might be to build. Frankly, I think that anyone with a modicom of intelligence and a more that novice level of skill should be able to make the minor corrections needed to build this model to scale. Since this is a free model and I am profiting from this in no way, I would think people might be happy to have a card model that is a bit of challange and that will produce a ship that is other wise unavailable.

I would suggest building the sections one at a time and before assembling sections one to another, study how the parts go together and think about what changes you might need to make and how to make them. This model is not a "Tab-A fits into Slot-B" model. I will have other versions of the Akira, but they will be in separate threads. Give it a try and Keep on Trekkin! =/\=

Note; I've added some graphics pages and schematics as an added extra. There is no
copyright information, nor are there any directions.



Update: I've pulled this model apart and have started reworking the entire unfolding and assembly process. You will still need to have some basic mechanical reasoning, be able to make minor corrections and have some understanding of spatial relationships.

Update: I've pulled this back out of mothballs to get back to work on it. I put up the developement kit to see if any of those that complained about it would do anything with the files to add to, enhance, or improve what I had done. Since I've seen no proof that anyone has done anything with this, other than download it. I'm moving forward on redoing the whole thing, thus virtually all of the original pictures have been removed. Check back often for news and updates. The devekopement kit is still available.

Update: I've added an "Advanced Starter Kit" for this card model. This kit includes all of the original BC Developement data, the .nif file, an Object file and an .mqo file. This is for all of the fine modelers that can't wait for me to finish my version of this and would to do the work on their own. Enjoy and keep on Trekkin!
=/\= I will be adding the revised 350th .pdo and .pdf files soon.

Here's the link, just copy and paste. ;)=/\=

Update: I'm reworking the unfold on this model and looking at doing different textures. I will update this entry with a new unfold and will delete the current

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