Sunday, June 5, 2011

1:1 Cylon Helmet

Try these new links. Google has changed the way that blogger has worked and has changed the entire interface, so I'm trying to compensate. Disregard the links at the bottom of the page. PDF. PDO. I just had to post the most recent shot of the Cylon. Yeah, I know it still needs work, but I think it's really come a long way!

All new today.....

This is a model that I contracted to have created in Metasequoia, to be produced
as a cardstock model, to take that model and turn it into a resin kit for a resin
model vendor. Unfortunately, we have since parted company, so I'm doing this on
my own. I have to credit Big Skip for the original model and SJS (Steve Bondy) for
correcting that model and making changes. I have textured a version of this and
when this beta build is done and the model is perhaps corrected one last time I'll be releasing this model, for free to the card modeling fans. This is the beginning of a 1:1 full sized Cylon.

Below are a few images of the original model, the new model and the build as well as some of the directions.

Sorry, got so into it that after I set the five layers of primer. I start laying fiberglass, after that I was committed... More to come...

Below are some of the more recent shots of what I've been up to.....

After fiberglassing the interior of the head, I used PlayDoh to build out a basic shape to follow with the polyester resin paddle and started laying out thick layers. Ususally it's best to lay down successive thing layers, but I wanted to use up some stale Bondo, so I took this approach knowing that I could sculpt it to shape later. After laying down the Bondo, I went after it with a rasp, to start sculpting out the shape. I've included a BW screen of the actual model (CG) from the series, to show what I'm going for. The head was always to narrow and some of the compound curves needed to be smoothed and shaped as well.
When not working on the mesh, I'm working on the sculpt, or working on the eye electonics. or the soundboard from a Birthday card. As always, more to come...

New updates, recent work..

I want everyone to see every stage of this sculpt and build...

I will never again have someone call me a recaster, or have some insipid fool lie about everything I've worked on.

Although the images make look rough to those that have never sculpted before... I assure you the the final product will look exactly like a screen used, CG model, if it's the last thing I do. ;)

There are times when even I wonder if I can pull it off, but I remember that I've done it before and I know that with the right determination..... Anything is possible.

Slowly the creature becomes itself....

The orignal model that was never finished..... Tell me that things heven't changed..??

Stay tuned, same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time!

........aaaaannnnnnnndddd We're back......


  1. I like this. I can't wait to see this completed. Any plans on going past the helmet?

  2. Yes, Dale. We're going to be doing the entire 1:1 Cylon.

  3. As promised, here are links to the .pdo and .pdf files. From now on all future models will be available this way and all of the past models that I've unfolded and textured will be available soon.



    More updates soon....

  4. All you have to do is copy it and paste it in your browser, it should still work.....

  5. I did the copy and paste and it says the link is not valid.

  6. Please see the links at the top of the page. These are new links and have been tested. Thanks.

  7. What would be the odds of getting the whole model. I have really wanted to create a full size cylon or at least a bust of the character.. BTW great work...

  8. Unknown, It's in the works, that's all I'm saying at this point. :)

  9. Well thank you for the reply, After watching Blood and Chrome and now starting to watch the remake of the series all I can think about is a full size of one of these in my office. May have to scale it down a bit because I believe the 1 to 1 scale is 11 feet tall..

    Anyway you are welcome to check out my site which unfortunately doesn't get updated very often.

    1. well i just checked my site, apparently it's down at the moment...

  10. Don't know what to say, with a name like unknown and a dead site, it's kind of hard to take you seriously.

  11. Well all of the authentication methods your blog uses are ones I don't have accounts with. Unless I am missing something but even the Google one says unknown and I am signed in with my Google account.

    Regardless the site is back up again, I had the A record pointing to the wrong IP address when I was moving servers around.


  12. Wow, Don't know what to say. I'll check out your site and mayde we can work together?

  13. You do so great work my friend. I am truly impressed and if you ever release the full model I think it would be awsome to build.

  14. Thank you Paul. I seriously need to update this with the new work I've been doing. When I get the full model done it will be released to the public for everyone to try. I'm sure you understand that I'm doing my best to get it right and that takes time. That and the fact that I've got a lot of other works in progress.

  15. Wow, nice work. I'm trying to build the helmet as well so that's how I came across your posts. Are you working on something else these days or is this still in the works?

  16. Yes, this is still in the works and yes, I'm working on a good many projects. In fact, I have so little time I haven't posted any updates in weeks and haven't even been to a forum. Frankly, my plate is very full.